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 We offer an extraordinary  catering and planning  service that  focuses totally on you. Instead of spending our time developing pre-set menus and packages, we dedicate ourselves to spending time with clients and creating unique experiences customised specifically to who you are and what you want. We take a limited number of weddings each month to help ensure you get all of the attention you deserve.


Our commitment to quality ingredients goes uncomprimised. We utilise local organic produce whenever possible and source sustainable poultry and meat from local farms.

We demand excellence in all we do. This reaches beyond the dining experience at your event, from the initial planning process and location site visits to our friendly staff.

We also offer a wedding planning and decorating service.

 we will help design your event to radiate style and fun, while ensuring that your unique tastes shine through in every detail. 



We can't wait to share your special day with you.






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