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Dessert  menu

“Textures of chocolate and raspberries”

Warm chocolate pot, chocolate mousse, raspberry sorbet,

Raspberry gel, chocolate soil

Baileys crème brulee, shortbread, brulee ice cream

Strawberries, shortbread, vanilla mascarpone, raspberry coulis

Banana cream pie, chocolate soil, toffee sauce

Champagne jelly, fresh mixed summer berries, tuille,

Clotted cream ice cream

Passion fruit tart, elderflower sorbet and mousse,

Chocolate and salted caramel mille feuille 

Crème Chantilly

Warm apple tart, cinnamon ice cream

Lavender posset, honey comb, lemon tuile

Custard bavarois with rhubarb and toffee

Passion fruit and vanilla cheese cake with grapefruit

Mascarpone, orange, honey with a cereal milk ice cream

Chocolate, prune and amaretto parfait

Coffee panna cotta, chocolate soil and biscotti

Black forest

Chocolate, cherries, schnapps, cream

White chocolate and bay leaf cheese cake with strawberries

Pavlova with lime curd and fresh fruit

Poached peaches with rosemary cream

Chocolate torte with vanilla crème fraiche

Pineapple Tarte Tatin, spiced rum caramel, Tonka bean crème

Rhubarb, orange and ginger ice cream, crumble, orange salad

Strawberry and raspberry trifle with lavender short bread

Poached pear with lemon grass and bitter chocolate

Baked Alaska


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