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Chef in your home

menus, pricing and ethos 

We believe that every dinner party, buffet, wedding or canapé party we cater for is as different and individual as the people who book us, that is why we like to work closely with our customers to create an individual bespoke menu to suit their tastes, needs and dietary requirements.

We grow as much of our own produce as possible so our menus are seasonal and fresh.

We price our menus competitively and affordably, we do not believe that you should have to pay over the odds to eat dishes that are cooked well using good produce regardless of the occasion.

When we can not grow our own or rear the animals on the family farm we source the ingredients as locally as possible never compromising our ethos that you are what you eat. We will not use a cut of meat if we do not know its history and know that it was raised and treated with kindness, we will always use fish that are on the sustainable list and will not knowingly use GMO produce.


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